Adjustable drivers fix sheet

Adjustable drivers fix sheet

If you hook the ball :- This happens when your club face is closed to the swing path.

The fix :- Reduce the loft. Ex – From 10.5 to 9.5. Reducing the loft opens the club face.

If you slice the ball :- Your club face is open to the swing path.

The fix :- Increase the loft. Ex:- From 10 to 10.5. Increasing the loft makes the hosel more upright and cuts the slice.

If you launch it High :- Reduce the loft.

If you launch it Low :- Increase the loft.

Do not hesitate to use the wrench

More than 2/3rds of golfers who use adjustable drivers do not use their wrench at all.
Jason Day with a swing speed of 120MPH uses a 10.5 deg. Surely, a low ball flight will give more roll but can it carry the Rough, water or a canyon?

Remember :- You cant adjust the lofts during a round.

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