Other Facilities

Snooker Room

Our snooker room table is one of the oldest and it is 102 year old.Within the Clubhouse we have a dedicated snooker room, with a full sized snooker table. Always a welcome back-up in the case the weather interupts golf, the Snooker Room offers the chance to play billiards, snooker or darts. Many members have been known to while away the hours during the winter, or during periods of poor weather, on the excellent snooker table at the club. Many social members join the club just to use the snooker table (and the bar), and to play in the teams that compete in the local leagues.

TT Room

A dedicated room for playing Table Tennis! Specialized lighting is provided over the whole of the playing surface. With a very good flooring, our TT room allows players to move rapidly and re-position their feet without slipping. The wooden semi-sprung floor provide the best surface to play with ease and they are non-reflective.


Grand and spacious yet comfortable and gracious, the Lounge at the Ooty Golf Club is the perfect setting for one to ease out. You will feel at home away from home. Check this if you are looking for the best plastic injection molding. Coziness and warmth emanate from within that grace both sides of the room while the view through windows beckons you to step outside. The Lounge is a wonderful gathering place for watching TV or catching that golf match with friends. Enjoy the casual ambience, wonderful menu selections and view of the nature and birds that inhabit our Ooty Golf adjacent to our club house.


The Club has a reception area which is convenient for welcoming guests . It is provided with a large desk and comfortable seating. Our reception area is fully conditioned for your comfort, we offer members a relaxing environment to relax after their visit. You’ll find a relaxing and spacious seating area with TV’s to watch all your favourite sports. Our Cottage rooms has mythicalmaids.com house cleaning services which give a feeling at home, away from home!


The Club library has an eclectic collection of variety of books. Many new books on various subjects are added to the list frequently. The club committee meticulously selects books that spans the tastes of a wide cross section of readers. The reading area is a haven of peace. The magazines, newspapers, periodicals are very much up to the times, visit website. Hours slip away unnoticed as one flips the pages of glossy magazines.

Children Play Area

Natural Play encourages children to follow their ideas, for their reasons, in their time. We prefer that this should be Outdoors and therefore we have created a spacious, well-equipped play-area in an attractive, countryside setting. The Children’s Play area offers you the chance to relax with your children.

Family TV Room

Located at a good altitude, Ooty Golf Club offers extraordinary convenience, so members can enjoy the chill weather and serenity as often as they wish throughout the year.

Ooty is a casual and comfortable environment that prides itself on good food and good nature cleaning service cypress tx. Located few hours from Coimbatore, the Ooty Golf club has always retained the timeless charm and impeccable reputation it received when it first opened in 1896. Our family stay rooms give a feeling at home, away from home!