Golf Club Terms Of Competition

Terms of Competition:

1. Ties: Ties shall be determined by count back – better second half, better last six holes, better last 3 holes, better last hole. If there is still a tie, the players will be declared joint winners.
Certain specified tournaments will be decided by sudden death playoff from the 17t & 18th Hole and repeated till a winner emerges.

2. The draw will be on the notice board at, or before 1 P M. the previous day of each tournament or each round in a tournament. It is the responsibility of the players to ascertain their starting time.

3. In multi-round tournaments, in the event of play being washed off on any day, the tournament will be decided by rounds already completed or remain to be Played.

4. Time of Starting
The player must start at the time established by the Committee.
If the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play. Otherwise, the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification.
Bogey and par competitions – See Note 2 to Rule 32-1a.
Stableford competitions – See Note 2 to Rule 32-1b.
Exception: There is no penalty where the Committee determines that exceptional circumstances have prevented a player from starting on time.
If a player arrives and is eligible to play as per the above condition, he will be allowed to play in the following group.

5. “Between the play of two holes, a player must not make any practice stroke on or near the putting green of the hole last played and must not test the surface of the putting green of the hole last played by rolling a ball.
Match play – Loss of next hole.
Stroke play – Two strokes at the next hole.
Match or stroke play – In the case of a breach at the last hole of the stipulated round, the player incurs the penalty at that hole

6. Driving and stroke practice: On the practice range / practice green only. Penalty for driving and stroke practice anywhere else on the course – disqualification.

7. When play is suspended by the Committee for a dangerous situation, if the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they must not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they must discontinue play immediately and not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, he is disqualified, unless circumstances warrant waiving the penalty as provided in Rule 33-7.
Discontinue Play Immediately: One Prolonged Note of siren.
Resume Play : Two shot notes of siren, repeated.

8. Pace of play guidelines established by the committee are to be followed per rule 6-7.
Penalty for breach of rule :
First Offence: One stroke.
Second Offence: Two strokes
For Subsequent Offence: Disqualification.

9. Etiquette; Behaviour on the Course All Players must familiarise themselves with the provisions of Section 1 – Etiquette, Behaviour on the Course, of the current rule book. Repeated breach of this condition will attract the provisions of Rule 33-7. Disqualification penalty; Committee Discretion and possibly, thereafter, not being allowed to participate in a certain number of events as well.

10. Returning of Score Card: A player’s score card is deemed officially returned to the Committee when he has dropped it in the box provided for this purpose.

11. Transportation: Buggies must not be used during the competition. Penalty: Disqualification.

12. Where a single round is to be played on more than one day, (Rule 33-1), the holes and teeing grounds may be differently situated on each day of the competition, provided that, on any one day, all competitors play with each hole and each teeing ground in the same position.

13. The following condition would be applicable to all one round tournaments played on the afternoon of day one and the morning of day two:

  1. In case play does not start on day one the Tournament will be called off.
  2. In case play is “suspended” and play is not completed the following will apply:
  • a) Play will be resumed immediately after the day two morning players complete their round.
  • b) The estimated time of start would be 11.30 A M or as soon as stated above in (a).
  • c) If all players in a group do not wish to resume, the players willing to resume will be provided a marker at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.
  • d) The original groups should play together even if it is a “single ball” and a marker will be provided.
  • e) Groups must not rearrange and play. Penalty: Disqualification

Procedure When Play Resumed

Play must be resumed from where it was discontinued, even if resumption occurs on a subsequent day. The player must, either before or when play is resumed, proceed as follows:

(i) if the player has lifted the ball, he must, provided he was entitled to lift it under Rule 6-8c, place the original ball or a substituted ball on the spot from which the original ball was lifted. Otherwise, the original ball must be replaced;

(ii) if the player has not lifted his ball, he may, provided he was entitled to lift it under Rule 6-8c, lift, clean and replace the ball, or substitute a ball, on the spot from which the original ball was lifted. Before lifting the ball he must mark its position; or

(iii) if the player’s ball or ball marker is moved (including by wind or water) while play is discontinued, a ball or ball marker must be placed on the spot from which the original ball or ball marker was moved.

Note: If the spot where the ball is to be placed is impossible to determine, it must be estimated and the ball placed on the estimated spot. The provisions of Rule 20-3c do not apply.

*PENALTY FOR BREACH OF RULE 6-8d: Match play: Loss of hole; Stroke play: Two strokes.

15. Result of competition closed: When the winners’ names are entered into the Tournament Register kept at the CGC office, the result of the competition is deemed to have been officially announced.

16. Committee’s Decision ( Rule 34-3)
Any dispute or doubtful point on the rules shall be referred to the Committee, whose decision shall be final. If the committee cannot come to a decision, it shall refer the matter to the Rules of Golf Committee of the R & A whose decision shall be final. If the matter has not been referred to the R & A, the player or players may request that an agreed statement be referred through a duly authorised representative of the Committee for an opinion as to the correctness of the decision given. The reply will be sent to this authorised representative.